"Rod, that was one of the best Closing Arguments I have ever heard."
~ Mr. B.S. Esq.

"Rod is one of the best lawyers in Salem."
~ Hon. J. G., retired Marion Co. Circuit Court Judge

"You are one of the best trial attorneys in the entire State."
~ Hon. B. L., former Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court

"I want to first start off by saying "Thank You" for everything that you have done for both me and my son. You were there during the absolute hardest and worst time of our lives; you were so compassionate and understanding and took care of something that we could not have ever done without your help and compassion. As hard as things were during that time, you helped make things a little easier. You went above and beyond doing what most people would have done and I very much appreciated that. My son would not have been able to get the grief counseling that he very much needed had it not been for you. It made all of the difference in the world to me, knowing that I had someone like you representing the Estate of ********, and that you truly seemed to care about our loss and never once acted like it was just you doing your job and nothing more.

Then there was the accident with my other child and without hesitation you were the first person that I thought to call. Again, you were right on top of things and I knew that you would take care of doing everything that needed to be done. You didn't hesitate to take his case and you started working on it with him right away.

With two of the most horrifying things that have happened to my boys, I cannot even begin to tell you what it has done to me and how it has drastically changed my life. I can honestly say that your compassion and willingness to help has made all of the difference in the world to me. I truly hope that God blesses you in every aspect of your life, for all of the help that you have given to both me and to my son. "Thank you" doesn't even begin to express how grateful I am for your help. You are truly an amazing individual with a special gift."
~ Ms. D. D.

"Rod, you are awesome."
~ Ms. S.C.

"Nice result, and great work!"
~ Mr. B.K.

"Great job! Thanks so much!!!"
~ Mrs. M.H.

"Thank you for the awesome verdict on our ATV claim! I knew you would win! You are truly the best there is!"
~ Mrs. K.V.

"You are one of the best trial lawyers I have ever worked with."
~ M.G., MD

"I wanted to let you know, and I hope you don't mind, that I've submitted your name and my comments in nomination to Worth magazine’s "100 Top Attorneys." I have such appreciation and respect for how you represented my mother’s estate in the long and difficult wrongful death suit and trial, and the "against all odds" results you were able to attain, that I am happy to have found some way to pronounce our admiration for you and to thank you for your dogged diligence and exemplary litigation skill, as well as laud your obvious and clear determination for a better outcome for our family than the odds would have suggested. The incredible legal feat was not lost on us. Though the death of our mother in such a manner was beyond tragic, and the wrongful death claim of course a great loss for our family financially, the outcome that you were able to attain accomplished a form of justice in restoring honor to our mother's name that was priceless to us. I don't think we will ever be able to express how much that meant to us and always will."
~ Mrs. P.O.

"I am dropping a line to you regarding some observations I made during a recent trial in Corvallis with attorney Rod Jones, of Salem.

Mr. Jones came into this trial extremely well prepared, in contrast to opposing counsel. What I found most impressive, however, was Mr. Jones’ demeanor in the courtroom. The adverse party’s principal witness was a physiatrist who was a strong advocate of her position, as she often is in other cases. I was very much afraid that her overall impression and strong support of the plaintiff would be very persuasive to the jury. What then occurred is that Mr. Jones very sweetly and gently exposed each of her poorly founded conclusions by having her read her own words and those of her colleagues at her clinic. I hope that I will never be subject to such a withering cross examination as this lady endured and it was all done ever so nicely! While I was glad to help, I believe that Mr. Jones had the case won before I ever got on the stand.

All in all, Mr. Jones did an outstanding job and I was most impressed. I felt that I would be remiss if I did not convey these thoughts to you."
~ J.W., MD

"Way to go counselor!"
~ Mr. J.O.

"Nice work Rod!"
~ Mr. J.A.

"Excellent work Rod."
~ Mr. A.B.

"Justice prevailed and once again Rod confirmed that he is in fact 'the man'."
~ Mr. E.T.

"Fantastic Rod!! We really believed this all along didn’t we? I am glad to see the sensibility of the Union County Jury."
~ Mr. R.M.

"You're a stud!"
~ Mr. C.A.

"We are singing your praises down here. Can you hear the cheers?"
~ Mrs. S.Y.

"It’s nice to share a UIM trial win. This is a great result!"
~ Ms. R.W.

"What a Team!... Outstanding result and good job by Rod... Thanks again!"
~ Ms. M.S.

"I am delighted that we were able to settle this case. This case demonstrated how aggressive and persistent discovery can bring to light flaws in the opposing party’s case and change settlement values. Many thanks for the excellent work."
~ Mr. P.K.

"You are THE MAN!! I am still in shock that you were able to obtain this outcome. Incredible!! I cannot imagine getting that much."
~ Mr. R.B.

"Rod, I clerked for Judge Gardner last summer, and sat in on one of your trials. As you can see from the enclosed letter, I have accepted a job with *********, a small general practice firm. This is, therefore, not a 'job' letter. However, I was most impressed with you last summer, and made a special note of your name with the idea that I would look you up once I got out into practice.

Have you got time for lunch some day? Although I am very satisfied with the amount of time the partners devote to my education here, I'd also like to keep in touch with you. From what I saw last summer, you're one of the people I'd like to emulate."
~ Mr. S.H.

"I have great faith in you and that gives me some peace."
~ Mr. P.O.

"Rod Jones is a fantastic trial lawyer and has received some excellent results!"
~ Mr. M.F.

"Awesome job on this one!"
~ Ms. S.B.

"Rod, congratulations!!! Appreciate your efforts!"
~ Mrs. D.C.

"Thank you so much for doing such a fine job in representing my daughter in this trial. Your thoroughness really paid off. Your demeanor was such a refreshing difference from your opponent. I do tend to get too wordy, so just let me say, again, how very pleased I am with your work."
~ Mrs. P.P.

"Congratulations on an excellent result. I consider this a complete victory given the stone-walling tactics utilized by the opposing attorney.

I look forward to working with you again in the future and assure you I will inform casualty claims management what an excellent job you did for us in Oregon. Again, thank you very much for your valuable assistance with this matter."
~ Mr. M.A.

"I wanted to thank you for doing an outstanding job in bringing this case to a victory. I know you had to put a lot of extra work on this case and I really appreciated it. Enclosed is a letter of appreciation I received from our Insureds.

Rod, I look forward to working with you again in the future."
~ Mrs. T.W.

"We would like to take this opportunity to express our satisfaction with Rod Jones, our attorney. We were impressed with the personal commitment, enthusiasm, and thoroughness that Mr. Jones devoted to our case. We are glad that we trusted Mr. Jones to represent us. Furthermore, we were amazed with the skill, intelligence, and organization of Mr. Jones’ presentation in the courtroom. We highly recommend Mr. Jones for other customers."
~ Mrs. B.B and Mr. R.B.

"We will assign this to Rod Jones, as his past track record on cases like this has proven itself. This is important because we have a low policy limit with a high profile claim."
~ Mrs. K.V.

"Rod, just got your message that justice prevailed. Congratulations! A nice piece of work. How sweet it is, eh?!!"
~ Mr. S.B.

"Rod, thanks again for handling this case. I have passed on the excellent result to the management and to the manager of the SIU unit. They were very pleased to say the least! As always, it was a pleasure."
~ Ms. C.M.